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Why I am a Photographer


I love visiting Earth’s beautiful places and I want to record what I see. I do this to enjoy places again later and to share them with others.

What I think is beautiful is not the same for others. I do not try to record what I think other people will think is beautiful. My photos are for me and to share.

I work hard to find the beauty in places. I work hard to perfect how my photos record what I see. Much of this is subjective. This is a continual process to better my seeing and my photography.

Many of my photos are of grandeur in the places I visit. This means my prints need to be big. Sometimes I see beauty in things that are less grand, but they are not less beautiful to me, only different.

I have been a photographer all my life. I have come to see things as my camera and my photographic skills let me. I can extend my photography beyond my sight. I can record more of a scene than a single picture allows, blur motion or remove color. I can select what is in focus and what is not. I do these things to bring out or emphasize the beauty of what I see rather than to try and make something more beautiful than it is.

I think the beautiful Earth and photography are each wonderful. Both I have and intend to enjoy all my life.

All images are copyright by Reid Shay. All rights reserved. Please do not use without prior writen permission from Reid Shay.