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Great Plains & Black Hills


Aroya School
Aroya School 8x12

Badlands 12x84

Bailey Rail Yard
Bailey Rail Yard  - North Platte NE  18x48

Bev Would Like
Bev Would Like 8x10

Big Nickel
Big Nickel 8x10

Blades 8x12

Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch 8x10

Forest Floor - Black Hills
Forest Floor - Black Hills 16x20

Kansas Barn
Kansas Barn 8x12

Mint Bar - Sheridan WY
Mint Bar - Sheridan WY  8x10

Mount Ru
Mount Ru 16x20

Night Rail
Night Rail  8x12

Route 66 Gas Station
Route 66 Gas Station 8x10

Sylvan Lake B&W
Sylvan Lake B&W 18x36

Sylvan Lake Color
Sylvan Lake Color 18x72

Watering 16x20

Wind in the Fog
Wind in the Fog 8x12

Wyoming Farm
Wyoming Farm 18x72

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