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I offer my prints in a few different formats:

Creating beautiful images is not enough if it can’t be viewed. At one time I took pride in creating fine prints in my darkroom. I stopped when I moved from black and white to color. Not that I work in a “digital darkroom” I leave the work of making my images into fine mounted prints to someone else. For most of my prints that someone is DuraPlaq. They are located in Longmont, Colorado and are masters of what they do. To learn more for yourself I suggest you visit their Web site: Their main product is the DuraPlaq, a beautifully printed images mounted on wood with beveled edges. They also offer the PlexiPlaq, an equally beautifully printed images mounted “within” a clear acrylic material resulting in an almost irradiant glow from the image. I also offer metal (normal and all-weather) and canvas wrapped prints. For most people the DuraPlaq is the best choice.

All images are copyright by Reid Shay. All rights reserved. Please do not use without prior writen permission from Reid Shay.