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Reid Shay

My first job, as a teenager, was in a camera store. From that moment, I was hooked on photography. I started with 35mm format. My first camera was a Hanimex Praktica, an East German camera with the communist version of Zeiss making the lens. It was the only SLR camera I could afford. Over the years, I moved on through two Canons and a Leica. In my 40s, I switched to a 4x5 camera with the bellows and the cloth over my head, but I found over time that the huge amount of equipment was preventing me from getting to the places I wanted to take pictures. Fortunately, technology came along with the digital camera. I love the freedom and power that digital photography allows me today.

From the beginning, I was drawn to landscapes and still-life images. The former for the grandeur and the latter for the textures. I started out almost exclusively taking black and white, due mostly to cost. By the time I moved to 4x5 format I had changed almost completely to color and Velvia film for its great saturation. Today, I have moved back to a mix of color and black and white images. But I still enjoy the darkroom on my computer.

My equipment is made up of two camera systems. My primary landscape system is based on the micro-4/3 standard. The camera is a Panasonic and the lenses are Panasonic and Olympus. My other system is based around the Leica Monochrom camera. This camera takes only black and white images. But by limiting the system to only monochrome it is able to perfect the images in ways that are not possible today for color systems.

My most recent direction has been to start taking portraits. These are black and white only. If you are interested please contact me.

All images are copyright by Reid Shay. All rights reserved. Please do not use without prior writen permission from Reid Shay.